About Jeep Beach Radio

JBR…or Jeep Beach Radio as it’s called…Was born just weeks before JB 21. Since that time, the station has grown it’s audience to the tens of thousands. Our Jeep Beach vendors and advertisers all agree that JBR is a great marketing tool for their products and services as the station is built BY Jeepers, FOR Jeepers. As a result, you won’t hear anything else like it in the traditional radio sense. We have programming in between the music that’s dedicated to the Jeep Lifestyle. So c’mon and join the JBR “Jamily” today! Jeep Beach Radio features a HUGE variety of multiple genres of music from Rock to Pop, Reggae to Country, Yacht Rock to Modern Rock and more! Plus, we have some great shows for you to check out including the Friday Happy Hour shows with Charlene and Kurt! You won’t wanna miss a minute!

Daytona Beach, FL
July 18, 2024, 8:11 am